Freezeproof sanitary water tower for rinse down and / or refill stations requiring year round ability.

Freezeproof protection assembly is housed within tower body.  No remote or secondary equipment required. Supply line connects through base.  No externalized supply line to invite vandalism.

Steel body on stable 12″ square base.  Powder coated inside and out.  9’6″ operational height with 12′ reach.  Swivel jointed non-kink industrial hose.  Boot covered industrial spring protects user’s hands. Cushioned grip. Backflow prevention.  Internal draining and ability to lower riser for compact in-place storage. Template and all installation instructions.

DIY installation. ADA compliant.

Color: Forest Green (Rinse down)  Marine Blue (Potable Water)

You must select a bury depth depending on construction requirements for your area.  Call for pricing on towers requiring bury depths greater than 5′ bury.

Trumbull dump station equipment is all US Made since 1971. Preferred by BLM, USACE and National Park Service.  Dump station photo courtesy of Hot Springs ID Chamber of Commerce.

Additional information

Bury Depth

1' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 2' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 3' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 4' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 5' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 6' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 7' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 8' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 9' Bury Rinse Down Freezeproof, 1' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 2' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 3' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 4' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 5' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 6' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 7' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 8' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof, 9' Bury Potable Water Freezeproof

Availability: Allow 2 weeks

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