Shower-trol 120 & 24 vac VALVES



Shower-trol® solenoid valves are a general purpose water valve for energy conserving plumbing applications. Each valve has a encapsulated coil making in moisture resistant. It proved high mechanical and dee-electric strange. Pilot operated rising provides flow capacity with minimum power. The valve has a strainer to protect the valve and the system from particulates.

Brass body, flow rate up to five gpm, maximum water temp 160°F, operating pressure range of 20 psi to 120 psi,  3/8″ FNPT inlet and outlet.

These are the valves supplied with your Shower-trol® system. Available for 110 / 120 volt, #FV-100 and 24 volt, #DV-100 Shower-trol® systems. These valves are rated for installation behind/within walls or in a pluming alley. *****Do not install these valves exposed to the bather***** UL listed

*****For valve installation that is exposed to the bather see our valve #SV-101*****

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#FV-100 110/120 Volt, #DV-200 24 Volt

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