Shower-trol 12 & 24 vac VALVES



Complete solenoid valve for Shower-trol Package 2 (24 volt) and Package 2NY (12 volt). Normally included in a Shower-trol package, this is the complete replacement valve if needed.  Approved for exposed installation, but suitable for plumbing alleys and in-wall installation.  See illustration photo.

12 Volt #SV101C-NY

This valve uses extra low voltage to satisfy inconsistencies regarding local regulatory codes. 1/2″ threads on both ends. Use when piping is exposed. Below 15 volts to meet all codes and requirements.

24 Volt #SV101-B

This valve is specially designed for heavy duty areas, or if regulations require step-down transformers. 1/2″ threads on both ends.

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SV101C-NY 12 Volt, SV101-B 24 Volt

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