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Vinyl curtain in 10 gauge weight. Pliable to the touch, but weight prevents curtain from blowing out of shower stall, reducing shower room mess and clean up.
Fungus and mildew are prevented with specially formulated USDA tested and approved bacteriostat #BP-10. Not a sprayed on formulation, so there is no chemical odor from the curtain. BP-10 bacteriostat is in the mix before curtain is extruded to shape.
Rustproof aluminum grommets in double layer vinyl top with nylon mesh for triple protection from top-tearing.

#TH36 is 36″ wide x 72″ long – We recommend this size for shower entrances 34″ wide or smaller.  Use #TH46 for shower entrances over 34″, and #TH66 for tub/ADA shower enclosures

Wipe clean with mild detergent.

You can’t buy a better shower curtain. Lasts for years.

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36"x72", 48"x72", 72"x72"


Pure White, Champagne, Blue

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