Pet patrol “Dog Poop” Bags



BIODEGRADABLE bags, the only choice for our environment. No cardboard core waste.

200 bags per roll.  Each bag is 8″ x 12″, large enough for the biggest “jobs”.  Perforated between bags for easy dispensing. Each roll is a 2.75″ diameter.

Remember the Pet Patrol™ motto “Do Your Duty After Your Pets Do Theirs,” and help visitors to remember by providing Trumbull’s Pet Patrol™ poop bags in our convenient dispener #PPL100.  Dispenser holds three rolls (one dispenses, two spares)

Choose #PP14 individual rolls, #PP12 box of 15 rolls or, #PP30 master case of 25 rolls.

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1 roll / 200 bags, 15 rolls / 200 bags per roll, 25 rolls / 200 bags per roll

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