Stop the shock – Antiscald pressure balance valve protects multiple showers. Automatic compensation for supply line temperature and pressure changes.  All water must completely pass the sensing coil of the thermal motor before discharge – ensures delivery temperature is maintained.  Discharge temperature is adjustable to within 10F of hot and cold inlet temperatures.

All brass, bronze and stainless steel components.  Swivel action check stops.  Removable cartridge with strainer, stainless steel piston and liquid fill thermal motor.  Bellows out of water.  Rough brass body finish with rough chrome finish on operating handle and stops. Cartridge can be locked at desired setting to prevent unauthorized adjustment.

7-200 has a minimum flow – 5 gpm.  Suitable for 2-5 showers or valves operating with flow rate of 2-5 gpm.  3/4″ pipe size.

7-400 has a minimum flow of 9 gpm.  Suitable for 6-10 valves in operation with a flow rate of 2-5 gpm.  1″ pipe.

7-500 for larger operations.  Minimum flow is 13 gpm.  Operates at 2-5 gpm flow to 11+ valves.  1.25″ inlet x 1.5″ outlet.

Installation and maintenance instructions.  Warranty.  US Made.

Buy with confidence – Valve meets Federal Lead Free requirements.

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1-5 valve operation, 6-10 valve operation, 11+ valve operation, 15+ valve operation

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