HAND DRYER-Motion Activated



You’ll find these dryers in the finest establishments and well-known restaurants coast to coast, Why not yours?

Completely dries hands in less than 15 seconds. 

Protect – Guests from germs transmitted by hand to hand contact, cloth towels and accumulated litter.  Conserve – Natural resources by eliminating the need to wash towels, or the endless cycle of sacrificing trees for towels and the processing needed to produce them.  Save – No more towel purchases.  Less time and money spent cleaning littered restrooms and clogged toilets.  Low amperage used by dryer.

Motion activated, but position sensitive.  Will not activate by door swings or changes in daylight.  Infrared optical sensor has a 35 second lockout feature which shuts dryer off is sensor is blocked.  One piece cast cover, rib reinforced.  Electrostatically applied chip-proof epoxy paint. All parts internalized and grounded.  Tamperproof bolts.  Wall plate for surface mount.  UL listed. ADA compliant.  (120 volt operation shipped unless otherwise specified below). 3 year warranty.  US Made.



1. # of towel cases purchased per year _____

2. Cost per case _____

3. Total cost per year (#1 x #2) _____

4. Handling cost (50% of #3) _____  (includes acquistion, storage, housekeeping and disposal.  Environmental cost not included)

5. TOTAL PAPER TOWEL COST, add #3 and #4 _____

6. Number of towels used yearly (average case is 3,750 sheets x #1) _____

7. Number of hand dryings yearly (#6 x 2.5 towels per use) _____

8. Hours of dryer usage (#7 divided by 120 drys per hour) _____

9. Cost of electricity per hour (2.2 KW used X your KWH rate) _____

10. Annual dryer operating cost (#8 x #9) _____

11. YOUR ANNUAL SAVINGS (Subtract #10 from #5) _____

12. HAND DRYER PAYBACK (#11 divided by dryer cost, plus $75.00 average installation per unit.  Your savings multiple _____

13. PAYBACK PERIOD (12 months divided by #12)
Best Components … + … Best Warranty = Best Value

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120 volt, 240 volt, 277 volt

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