Free Range Grilled Chicken


With Olive Tapenade, Spicy Spinach and Curried Carrots (mild)

Contains 1.5 servings of Concentrated Protein (CP); 3 servings of non starchy veggies (V1); 1 serving of starchy veggies (V2); 1 healthy oil (O). Made using chicken, curry powder, black and kalamata olives, capers, EVOO, S&P, carrots, spinach, garlic (fresh and powder), crushed red pepper flakes, fresh parsley, and lemon.

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Available for Sunday delivery or pickup at the following locations:
Roberto’s Log Cabin – 383 Trumbull Hwy, Lebanon, CT on Sunday from 3-8
TAO Vitality – 27 Main Street, Hebron, CT on Mondays 9a-1:30pm & 3-6pm
BLOCK 134 – 134 Main Street, Putnam, CT on Sundays 2-5pm
Vis Wellness Center – 1845 Silas Deane Highway Rocky Hill, CT on Mondays 5-8pm